November 7, 2010

I love you...four!

Happy Birthday to the big boy that will always be my baby! The boy who still kisses me goodnight and proclaims without prompting, " I love you Mommy." Tonight I countered, "I love you too (interpreted as two)!", and he replied, "I love you, seventy-five!"

October 8, 2010

Kaden's France Journal

My oldest baby boy turned 7 on September 21st. He really was overwhelmed this year with attention and gifts from our family and friends. His birthday wishes of Star Wars Legos and super hero paraphernalia were fulfilled several times over. Kaden received a special gift from Matt and I this year-the opportunity to spend a week in the south of France. This was made possible by our dear friends, the Pierce family (friends is almost an understatement, Kaden is convinced we are related and calls their kids our cousins). Kaden diligently documented the trip in a journal given to him in anticipation of this adventure (thank-you Cahoons). Read on if you are interested in what excites a 7-year-old when visiting another continent.


Today is my last day in France. We went to Marineland all day. At Marine land there are different shows. The kind of sea animal shows are sea lions, dolphins and killer whales and we got to see all of them. You can also see sharks, rays and fish at Marineland.


Today was the 5th day in France. We went to a place called Grasse. Grasse is famous because it makes the most perfume in the world. Mom got perfume and I got cologne. I got to test different smells and then I picked my favorite for my first bottle of cologne! Today we also went to some bakeries (in french boulangerie) and tried some french treats. One bakery had very good bread and another had very good cookies. I spent the rest of my day playing with my cousins.


Today is the 4th day in France. The first thing that we did today was go to the beach and it was very, very, fun. There was a castle at this beach and the castle was real. Mom and I took some pictures. When I got to Jenny and Joci's house I missed my family but Jackson the most.